Baumuller (Germany)

Baumuller develops and manufactures Electric motors, Converters, Control engineering, Networks in industrial communication, Control cabinets, Control pillars, Control fields, Control consoles, Sheet metal components and coverings & Drive systems Baumuller uses these components to plan and manufacture complete drive and automation systems that are used in all sectors of the mechanical engineering industry for automation purposes.     Website


The modularization of machinery is state of the art nowadays, and is based on the decentralization of the system's intelligence. Baumuller is a full-range provider in the automation of decentralized, centralized and hybrid control architectures, whatever the application.

b maXX - controllerPLC
The b maXX-controllerPLC is the consistent link between the standard high performance PLC and the highly dynamic Motion Control PLC.
b maXX-drivePLC
With a typical cycle time of 100 microseconds for 1000 lines of STL, the b maXX-drivePLC is one of the world’s fastest PLCs in a drive and is therefore suitable for both comprehensive control tasks and demanding Motion Control tasks.
b maXX-safePLC
Integrated safety technology ensures that technical failure, incorrect use or manipulation no longer pose a threat to the production process and safety of employees.
b maXX PCC
Greatest performance class on the control and communication level. For centralized and hybrid control architectures.High-precision system synchronization via EtherCAT distributed clocks.
b maXX HMI
Eleven devices from the b maXX HMI series are available to the user for machine operation and visualization, from a targeted terminal to the TFT touch panel.
I/O - Modules
Up to 64 I/O terminals can be operated directly at an I/O node. This means that up to 1020 I/O signals can be processed on site. This reduces the cost of wiring a machine or system.
Drive Electronics
This series of converters & controllers was developed to meet current and future automation technology requirements worldwide.
b maXX serves as a basis for both simple and complex automation solutions.

b maXX 5000
The new b maXX 5000 side-by-side converter generation has an integrated Drive Connect- System: individual modules can be easily added or removed without having to break up the entire drive group.
b maXX 4600 / 4700
With these devices Baumuller is accommodating the requirements of specific industrial applications, such as injection molding and extrusion processes, in which peak or maximum output is required for continuous operation.

b maXX 4000
The b maXX 4400 is equally suitable for simple speed control applications or highly synchronous, multi-axis applications as it can easily be equipped with analog I/Os, digital I/Os, encoder emulation (incremental / SSI) and more...
b maXX 4100
These units supplement the b maXX 4400 series, supplying one or more power modules and performing sinusoidal brake energy feedback into the system.
b maXX 3400
The servo inverter b maXX 3400 was designed for low power ratings up to 4 kW. b maXX 3400 excels through its compact, space-saving design.
b maXX 2000
b maXX 2000 is the mini servo controller for applications under 1 kW. b maXX 2000 rounds off the converter and controller generation b maXX at the lower end of the power range.
b maXX 1000
The b maXX 1000 is a frequency converter that provides for the highly efficient (vector) control of standard motors in three output gradations and in the power range 0.2 kW to 11 kW.
Baumuller offers a wide range of servo motors and servo drives. From linear drives and disc motors up to dynamic servo motors, servo drives and powerful High-Torque Motors.

DS/DA The servo motor for dynamic applications
With a shaft height from 45 to 280 Baumuller offers the largest product range of synchronous and asynchronous motors. The servo motor for dynamic applications with highest requirements of energy efficiency.
DSD Three-phase synchronous geared motor
The DSD has an overload capacity that is up to 40% greater than in comparable servomotors in the DS series. With these qualities, the DSD-IPG is the perfect candidate for handling, robotics and packaging applications.
DSD Dynamic motors
The six installation sizes for the DSD-range of Baumuller offer a suitable solutions for almost every application in the automation.
DST High-Torque Motors
Baumuller offers the DST2-range up to 32,000 Nm torque and herewith provides the maximum dynamic in the direct drive technology.
DSC Compact servo motors
With its new DSC servo motors, Baumuller is making the torque motorservo-ready. This series focuses on improving ratings in order to achieve a higher torque density while also drastically reducing the volume of the device.
DSA - Three-phase current external-rotor motors
The Baumuller 12-pole external rotor synchronous motor features a very high torque density and outstanding constant speed characteristics.
BPx - Planetary Gearing Range
In connection with our standard DS/DSD servo drives, the BPx – planetary gear range is optimally suitable for applications that require maximum standards of torque and dynamics.
Linear Motors
LSA - The Plug&Play solution
LSE 10 - The customized solution
LSC - The ironless solution
LSE 50-90 - The solution for logistics applications
Disc Motors
The main strength of these motors are that they are small and compact. In its shortest design, motor type GDM 12 N, only 39,5 mm of axial space is required.