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E·MC is the biggest manufacturer among 3,000 Chinese pneumatics manufacturers in China, and known as the No. 1 manufacturer in Asia, which employs about 600 professional workers.
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Pneumatic Cylinders
E.MC pneuamtic started designing and manufacturing pneumatic cylinder at the very beginning, and now we have a wide range of pneumatic cylinders from standard cylinder to nonstandard cylinder, and from small bore size of 6mm to very big size 600mm.

FV/FX Series Cylinder
FV/FX Series pneumatic cylinders are manufactured according to ISO6431 standard, VDMA24562 standard and DIN24335 standard. We have two types Square type and Mickey Mouse type, normal bore size from 32mm to 100mm.
V Series Cylinder
V Series pneumatic cylinders are manufactured according to ISO6431 standard and VDMA24562 standard. We have two types Tie-rod type and Mickey Mouse type, normal bore size from 32mm to 200mm.
T/X Series Cylinder
T Series pneumatic cylinder (old model SC cylinder) has two types Tie-rod type pneumatic cylinder and X type pneumatic cylinder, normal bore size from 32mm to 200mm, bigger size from 250mm to 600mm can also be provided.
ISO6432 Mini Cylinder
I series mini pneumatic cylinders are manufactured according to ISO6432 standard and CETOP RP52P standard, with bore size from 12mm to 40mm.
R Series Mini Cylinder
We have two types for R series mini pneumatic cylinders, Aluminium (barrel) type and stainless steel (barrel) type, normal bore size from 16 mm to 40mm.
SJ/SM Series Cylinder
SJ/SM series mini pneumatic cylinders are manufactured according to Asian standard,with bore size from 6mm to 40mm.
EAB Cylinder
A wide size range of square end cover mini round cylinders with bore sizes range from 16mm to 63mm. The square end cover makes the mini cylinder has more styles of mountings as options, very convenient for different different conditions.
Needle Cylinder
E.MC SJP series single acting needle cylinder is compact design minimizes mounting space. To accommodate many design styles, the CJP is available in two mounting styles: panel mounting and embedding mounting Available bore sizes include 6, 10, and 15mm with strokes ranging from 5 to 30mm. Other features include brass panel mounting nuts, stainless steel piston rod, and brass bodies.
Compact Cylinder
SQ/SD series compact pneumatic cylinders are manufactured according to Asia standard, with bore size from 12mm to 100mm.
Guided Cylinder
EN double rod cylinder, SG guided rod cylinder, EU free instalation cylinder and SJP series needle pneumatic cylinder are with of good quality and very popular in E.MC world wide market.
Rodless Cylinder
Rodless air cylinders differ from basic air cylinders in that no piston rod extends outside the cylinder body. Instead, the internal piston is connected to an external carriage, by means of a magnetic or mechanical coupling system.
Rotary Cylinder
E.MC currently provide Rack and Pinion style rotary actuators. The EMQ Series rotary cylinders can achieve max arc lengths of 190°.
Available in 7 bore sizes, from 10mm to 200mm, EMQ Series rotary cylinders offer widest application choice, magnet is integrated as standard.
Pneumatic Grippers
The SHZ2 series is a standard type parallel air gripper. A linear guide provides high rigidity and high accuracy. SHZ2 can operate under higher pressure even at a larger holding point and overhang. High degree of mounting precision is achieved and mounting repeatability is improved.
The SHC gripper is ideal for use in applications requiring angular gripping. The opening angle ranges from 30 to -10 degrees. A double piston mechanism provides a large amount of gripping force, while maintaining a compact design. The MHC series has a built in speed adjustment and a recessed groove for auto switches.
Guide Rail
E.MC Guide rail have 4 types reach to 4000mm, precise level with tolerance minimum to 0.003mm, max 5 sliders on one rail and highest temperate 250C
Customized Cylinders
E.MC has sufficient experience and strong technic team, desiging new products and customized pneumatic cylinders according to the market demand and special customer requirement.
No catalogue available. By client's request.
Shock Absorbers
E.MC has a full range of shock absorber for different demands on your personalized equipment, with big bore size ranges from 8mm to 125mm, completely exchangeable with ENIDINE, ACE, FESTO, SMC,…, supporting your equipment work with less vibration, more stability, less noise and longer life, 3 standard ranges with any customized requirement available, guaranteed 2,500,000 cycles.
ERQ Stopper Cylinder
The ERQ series is a fixed-height stopper cylinder with proven endurance and low breakaway characteristics, available for both double acting style and single acting style. Available in 4 bore sizes, from 20mm to 50mm, ERQ Series Stopper cylinders offer widest application choice, magnet is available upon request.
PHC Hydro Pneumatic Cylinder
PHC hydro pneumatic cylinder is a kind of special cylinder integrating advantages of both pneumatic and hydraulic, with normal air working pressure, but very big output power force upto 1900~30000Bar, with single cylinder and dual cylinder two type, fast response and stable function, very suitable for for punching, cutting, moding, joining, assembling, etc.
EJ/EH/EZF/EK Series Rubber Cylinder
E Series rubber cylinder is a a special cylinder working nonlinear, it makes energy transfer by compressed air, the hardness changes according to different load with same natural frequency. Rubber cylinder is good at absorbing high frequency and sound insulation. Suitable for both axial direction load and radial direction load.
Directional Valves
Started 21 years ago, E.MC now supply various different types of directional valves (mainly spool valves) for 5/2,3/2,5/3 way, directional solenoid valves, directional air valves, directional SMC valves, directional hand valves, directional foot valves, directional rotary valves, directional mechanical valves, Namur valves, all etc. We also provide some important parts like armature, coil, valve body, etc. for many famous pneumatic brands.

V series Pilot/Air Valves
E.MC standard V series directional 5/2,3/2,5/3 way valves are normally compactly designed from 1/8" to 1/2", including directional solenoid valves and directional air valves.
Namur Pilot/Air Valves
Namur valves are mainly mounted on the actuators, E.MC Namur valves has a big market around the world especially Europe with precise dimension, good maching, and always very supportive services.
S Series - Solenoid/Air Valves
S series directional solenoid/air 5/2 way valves from 1/4" to 3/8" with both flying leads type and DIN type connector, it's similar to SMC VF3/5 series and can work in dusty air. Euipped with suitable manifold, can support many valves working together.
K Series - Mini Solenoid Valves
The K series mini solenoid valves are one of the oldest directional valves of E.MC pneumatics & hydraulics, most of these valves are supplied to north of China. One style of the K series mini solenoid valves can work independently as 3/2 way valves, and the other style valve can also be put on a valve base to work together as a 5/2 way directional valve or 3/2 way directional valve. These valves can work in very dirty environment and are popular for out housing condition.
No catalogue available.
M Series - Mechanical Valves
E.MC pneumatics & hydraulics M series mechanical valves are controlled by hand or other mechanical force for different conditions, including 1 series 2/2 way valves, 2 series of 3/2 way valves and 1 series of 5/2 way valves.
L/H/N Series - Hand Valves
There are 3 styles of the hand valves, one is L series hand pull valves, another is H series hand push valves, the other is N series electric/hand pull vales.
F Series - Foot Valves
E.MC pneumatics & hydraulics has manufactured foot valves for many years, and now we have a wide range of foot valves for your selection. E.MC foot valves are mainly 1/4", including 3/2 way foot valve,4/2 way foot valve,5/2 way foot valve.
Rotary Valves
The E.MC standard rotary valves are 4/3 way, from 1/4" to 1/2" in different styles. The special style of E.MC rotary valve is the miniature MR432-08/10/15, the seals are made from ceramic, make sure it can be used for long time working.
Accessory Valves
The accessory valves normally don't act as an independent pneumatic system. These valves include different valves using as a supportive tool for the pneumatic controlling system, flow control valve RE, BRE, shuttle valve ES, quick exhaust valve KKP, one way valve EA, slide valve YHS, etc. These accessory valves are a good helper to the controlling valves, and so that the complete automation system can be finished very well.
Armature and Coil
Armature and coils are necessary for any valves, E.MC valve excellent quality depends in a big way on these two items.
M Series - Mini Valves
Low power, High frequency, 3/2 way mini valve.
No catalogue available.
Air Treatment Units
Air treatment units (also called air preparation units) don't work seperately, they're auxillary components and mainly for treating air source from air compressor. There're 3 different air treatment units for different function, air filter, air regulator and air lubricator. Air filter is for filtering the dirt and some big particles from air source, and after the filteration the air will be clean and dry. There're different filteration degreee, some air filter has precision of 40 micron, while some other 25 micron or 5 micron. Air regulator is for regulating the pressure of the air source, can adjust air source from higher pressure or lower pressure to the pneumatic cylinder wated pressure. When the air source was filtered and regulated by the former two air treatment units, it becomes clean, dry and with stable pressure, still it needs oil lubrication by the air lubricator, in this way, the air source will be working more smooth and the valves and cylinders can also work more stably and long life cycles.

EI Series - Compact FRL
EI series air treatment units is an updation upon E series air treatment unit. With air gauge inside the valve body,the unit is more compact and safer for operation.
E Series - Classic Air Units
In current product lines, the E series air units are similar to SMC A series air preparation units and are our most popular style air units with higher flow rates, simple assembly and maintenance reduces down time. E series air treatment units are available for 8 sizes options from M5 to 1" to ensure optimum performance,offering energy savings.
HE Series - Anti-Pollution Type
The HE series air treatment units is the upgrading edition on the E series air preparation units, with similar properties like flow rate, filteration precision, pressure, inner parts, etc. When connecting some tube to the push in connectors at the bottom of the air filter, the dirty water can be drained through the tubing to the appointed place to avoid pollution. Another special point is the HE 2000 series air treatment units are with aluminium protective guard now, while E 2000 series air units not.
HNE Series - Exp-Proof Type
HNE series air treatment units is actually metal bowl type of E series air units, we manufactured this style air preparation units since 3 years ago. The metal bowl makes the bowl and guard to be one and can strongly protect the units from outside. This series air units are with the same function as E series with bowl sizes from 2000 to 5000. Among these air treatment units, bowl sizes for 3000 and above air filter can be mounted with auto drain element very popular especially for USA and Europe.
Pneumatic Accessories
Not the most important thing, but in any conditions, these pneumatic accessories especially tubing and fittings are necessary in an automation system!
Pneumatic accessories keep their function to connect different parts, to transfer the pressure power or to lower the noise from the pneumatic system, so that the pneumatic systems can work smoothly and noiselessly.

Standard Plastic Push-in Fittings
The standard plastic pneumatic fittings are actually push in fittings for both PU tubing and PA tubing and very convenient to use on different components, they’re wordly wide accepted and used, E.MC has a wide range of plastic pneumatic fitting, including metric tubing with BSPT thread, metric tubing with BSPP thread, inch tubing with BSPT thread, inch tubing with NPT thread, etc. Various from straight fitting, angle fitting to tee fitting, hand valve, flow control fitting, E.MC plastic fiittings are always with excellent quality and very competitive prices, very popular in the world wide market.
Metal One Touch-in Fitting
The Metal One Touch in pneumatic fittings are applicable for both PU tubing and PA tubing and very convenient to use on different components, compactly designed with brass nickel pated body and sleeve, strong and cost effective.
Brass Pneumatic Connector
We provide sufficient pneumatic brass connectors, can be fitted for different conditions, very coneninet, we have pneumatic tube to tube connector, tube to thread connector, thread to thread connector, reducing tubing connector, reducing thread connectors, straight connector, angle connector, Tee connector, Y connector, all etc.
Pneumatic Plastic Tubing
Polyurethane tubing and polyamide tubing are widely used in the pneumatic system to transfer the pressure air power, they’re not the most important pneumatic components in a pneumatic system, but they're necessary. Without polyurethane tubing (PU tube) and polyamide tubing (PA tube), the pneumatic system can't fit together.
Pneumatic Mufflers
Mufflers (silencers) are widely used on valves, cylinders, or any pneumatic systems need a silencer to clean the exhaust air and reduce down the noise and some can adjust the flow rate.
Pressure Gauge
E.MC provides two types of pressure guage, with golyceline and without. Normally speaking stainless steel pressure gauge requires golyceline and other material pressure gauges don't need. Some of the pressure gauges are supplied to our air treatment units, and more pressure gauges are provided seperately for different machines.
Air Guns
Air guns are also called dusty gun, they're mostly used for blowing dust away from some products when finished.
Pressure Switches
E.MC provides three kinds of pressure switches, single pressure type pressure switches,dual pressure type pressure switches,differential type pressure switches.
Gas Springs
We have 3 big categories of gas spring for your reference,supporting bar gas spring,adjusting bar gas spring,raising bar gas spring.
These gas springs can be equipped with different kinds of mountins and can have different kind of treatment to make it suitable for all kinds of conditions.
Vacuum Units
Vaccum units are very important in finishing some important moving work, picking up and replacing, they’re used everywell and contribute a lot in automation systems. E.MC puts quite a big range of vaccum parts on your table after successful test in laboratory and in the market, we’re sure the new ranges of high performance vaccum parts with good rates will provide a lot of support for your machines.

Vacuum Suction Pads
E.MC provides a wide range of vacuum sucker, including basic compact suction pad, suction pad with locking fittings, threee phase type suction pad, three phase type suction pad with locking fittings, standard suction pad, standard suction pad with locking fittings and one touch coupling, standard suction pad group with spring type fittings, bellows type suction pad, bellows type custion pad with locking fittings, swivel type suction pad, SMC type vacuum suction pad, no mark chuch, all etc for different kind of suction applications.
Vacuum Generators
The VEV series vacuum generator is an ejecting type vacuum generator, which provides small nozzle orifice from 1.0mm to 3.0mm, two ranges of vacuum level, with vacuum switch optional, compact size suitable for many occations with long life cycles.
No catalogue available.
Vacuum Pumps
The VB series vacuum pum provides high flow vacuum level with multi-level generator, suitable for many different air conditions with high performance plastic material, also with optional material of VITON and EPDM for terrible conditions.
No catalogue available.
Vacuum Cylinders
VAC series vacuum air cylinder can lift up immediately when touch the parts.Suitable for many industries, such as paper industry, the bread board system, copper foil suck and moving system and so on. Also it can simplify programming for the system and saving the components cost.
E.MC vaccum cylinder bore range can from 16mm to 40mm and the sucker size can widely from OD 10mm to OD 120mm.
No catalogue available.
Vacuum Filters
VBF series vacuum filter can clean the high flow air from the IN port to OUT port. The filter parts can be replacement and the filtration area can be larger if with special filter element. PA, PC and PE filter bowls are available. Standard filter precision is 10 μm.
Solenoid Valves
As one of the most professional solenoid valves manufacturer, E.MC group provides a wide range of solenoid valves designed in different structures for air, water, gas, oil, nitrogen, oxygen at different pressure, temperature, medium, sizes, conditions etc. All widly used in many areas of the fluid control.

BM Series - Bistable Solenoid Valve
BM series valve is a special valve with bistable characteristics, energy saving, suitable for IC gas meter, irrigation system, and so on. A wide orifice sizes range from 2mm to 50mm and thread sizes from 1/8" to 1", available with both brass body and SS316 body and two type of electric connection in flying leads and DIN connector, applicable for many kind of medium like air, gas, water, hot water, liquid, etc... Very popular around the world wide fluid control system.
SLPL Series - 1.4W Solenoid Valve
SLPL series solenoid valve is of power consumption low to 1.4W, direct connecting to PLC, very convenient in system design and realization. With 6 sizes from 1/8" to 1", VITON seal, available with DC12V and DC24V, orifice from 2mm to 25mm, brass and SS316 body material are both available.
No catalogue available.
SLP Series - DIN Type
SLP series solenoid valves support high working pressure 1.3 MPa, which is much higher than normal 0.8Mpa. From 1/8" to 2", SLP valves now has a complete range of sizes for your options, including brass valve and stainless steel valve, both of SS valve and brass valve can be normal close valve and normal open valve, applicable for many kind of medium like air, gas, water, hot water, liquid, etc.
ZS Series - Zero Differential Valves
ZS series solenoid valves also start working at zero differential pressure and this valve also enjoys wide range sizes for threads from 1/8” to 2”, including stainless steel body, brass body, N.C and N.O. type. But ZS valve has both thread connecting and flange connecting, while UW valve only has the former connecting way, and the coil connecting way for ZS valve is with DIN connector while for UW is with flying leads. With different seals, this series solenoid valves could be used for many conditions, especially air and water system.
PU Series /timer
PU/PUT direct acting solenoid valves has a thread range from 1/8" to 1/2", and of which 3/8"~1" could be equipped with timer to control water drain timely.
UW Series - Zero Differential Valves
Start working at differential pressure, the UW series valve has a completely range of solenoid valves from 1/8" to 2". UW series valve is among the oldest history valves, we have stainless steel valve and brass valve for your reference, both of SS valve and brass valve can be normal close valve and normal open valve. This series solenoid valves are most popular valves used for many conditions especially in the water treatment system.
EDF Series - Valves Used in Water
EDF sereis solenoid valves are used in water, especially for the music fountain control. The in water This sereis valves has wider and bigger orifice sizes from 15mm to 150mm, depending on the music fountain. Smaller size valves are nromally connected by thread from 1/2" to 2", and bigger size valves are connected by flanges to make it more stable. EDF valve has very stable function and can work in very dirty condition for long time, widly used in every corner of the world.
SLG5404 Series - High Pressure Type
Supporting higher working pressure 5.0Mpa and high temperature, the SLG5404 series pilot acting solenoid valves is specially designed for different high pressure medium. The SLG5404 high pressure valve has both the flying leads type and DIN type coil for different countries from 1/2" to 1".
EMC European Series Valve
The EMC series burkert solenoid valves are very popular around the world, with a wide range for thread sizes from 1/8" to 2" for valves, this EMC solenoid valves are also supportive for different working pressure, working temperature, and working mediums.
The small burkert direct valves have both 2/2 way and 3/2 way, normal close type and normal open type, the bigger pilot diaphragm series valves have both stainless steel body and brass body, N.C and N.O (optional for some model), high temperature and high pressure
EMCF Series - Electro-magnetic Valve
EMCF series electro-magnetic valve (also called diaphragm valve) is one type of pulse valve. The valve is "switch" for compressed air in the dust clean blowing system of the pulse bag filter. Controlled by the output signals of the pulse jet control device, EMCF valve makes dust clean to the filter bags cell by cell to keep the resistance of the baghouse within the set range, and thus guarantee the processing functions and the dust-collecting efficiency of the baghouse.
VX Series - Flying Leads
1/8"~1/2" direct acting solenoid valves with working pressure of 0~1.0MPa. A good replacement for SMC solenoid valves.
ESV 3/2 Direct Acting Valve
Start working at zero differential pressure, the ESV series valves are small sizes 3/2 way solenoid valves with orifice sizes from 1.5mm to 3mm. There're 3 different kind of valves in this series valve, the main difference are the flow direction when energized or de-energized. The ESV1 and ESV2 has different directions, while ESV3 valves are dual-directions.
SLG 2/2, 3/2 Valve
SLG series solenoid valves are mini direct acting valves with only 1/8" and 1/4" joint sizes, including 2/2 way and 3/2 way. This series 2/2 way valve is very compact, light weighted with low cost and power consumption. The SLG22 series valve supports higher pressure 1.5MPa, equipped with VITON seal, this valve can work for high temparature of 130C. The SLG series valve is widly used for air control system, water control system and sometimes used for steam control.
2V Series - DIN Type
2V series direct acting solenoid valves are from 1/8"~1", supporting higher pressure 1.0MPa, with lower power consumption, very compact and cost effective.
EQ Series - Pneumatic Valve
The EQ series pneumatic valve is completely pneumatical. There's a pneumatic cylinder on the valve body and control the valve on/off. The valve body is big with orifice size 22mm and 50mm, and we only have 2 thread sizes for the valve, 2-1/8" and 2-1/4". The pneumatic valve is better for some places not suitable for electricity.
G Series - Mini Valve
These mini valves are very smart, and we can easily change valves properties for different condition, it's not difficult to change 2/2 way valve to 3/2 way valve, normal close valve to normal open valve, and medium from air to water, and temperature from 60C to 150C.
Valves for Special Applications
E.MC has strong R&D for all kinds of pneumatic components, especially pneumatic cylinders and valves. For any valves you want, just let us know exactly what you want with technical information for the valve, E.MC will develop the exact solenoid valve or pneumatic valve within 50 days.