TECorp (Taiwan)

TECorp specializes in manufacturing a high verity of AC vector Drives, PLC, Servo systems and more... TECorp is preferred on other competitor companies for its friendly interface and good quality for an unbelievable low price.     Website


AC Motor Drives
Frequency inverters 1-3 phases, 0.4-400kW.

HC1C Series
220V (Single/Three-phase) 0.4 ~ 1.5KW
380V (Three-phase) 0.75 ~ 2.2KW
HC1C+ Series
220V three phases 0.4KW~1.5KW
HC1A Series
220V (Single/Three-phase) 0.4 ~ 2.2KW
380V (Three-phase) 0.75 ~ 300KW
HCA+, P+ Series
220V (Single phase) 0.4~3.7KW (Three phases) 5.5KW~75KW
380V (Three phases) 0.75KW~315KW
HC2V8 / HC2V9 Series
220V (single / three phases) 0.4KW~2.2KW
400V ( three phases) 0.75 KW~400 KW
VG5, VG2 Series
Same performance as YASKAWA G5 series
Other Automation Products
Servo systems, HMIs, SCR power regulators, Microproccess temperature controllers & Accessories (breaking units).

Servo System - EPS Series
220V 0.2 ~ 0.75 KW (Single phase)
220V 1.0 ~ 4.5 KW (Three phase)
380v 1.0~7.5KW (Three phase)
Human Machine Interface - SP Series
Communication mode: Ethernet, RS 232 / 422 / 485
Screen Sizes: from 3.3" ~ 12.1"

SCR Power Regulator - ED Series
30Amp ~ 400Amp
100 ~ 240V or 300V ~ 480V
Micro Process Temperature Control
Friendly use with economist cost
Good quality and standard specification
Suitable for various heating applications